California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Prototype, modeling and reference information on Southern Pacific's EMD MP15DC locomotives.

Southern Pacific MP15DC

2690 - 2701

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superdetailed Concor model from Ron Sikorski

No need to worry about the quality of the ConCor, or kitbashes anymore; Atlas has released an MP15DC - while they won't have the trademark SP light show, it will hopefully be easy to add them.

Up until Atlas released their model; my personal preference would have been to combine 2 Athearn SP SW1500 shells, and drop it on the ConCor chassis. The Athearn shells have all the espee light packages, and being a newer mold has excellent details.

The ConCor unit runs very smoothly, with 5 pole motor, flywheels and directional lights, but the standard of the body shell molding is not up to todays standards. It also doesn't weigh a lot, so would likely need lots of extra weight, to pull a decent load.

RJ Waldman has taken an Atlas N Scale MP15DC and got it closer to what SP bought, detailed and weathered ready to go to work.

detailed Atlas N Scale model RJ Waldman

detailed Atlas N Scale model RJ Waldman

detailed Atlas N Scale model RJ Waldman

Models available:

  • N Scale:
    • Atlas

  • HO Scale:
    • ConCor
    • Brass
    • Atlas - preferred brand

  • S Scale:
    • ?

  • O Scale:
    • ?

    See also my SP MP15AC Page for more info.


    • Railroad Model Craftsman, Jul.'96, Page 62. - Plans for a Reading unit.
    • Model Railroader, Oct. '78, Page 83, - Plans
    • Model Railroader, Oct. '78, Page 84, - Roster of owners - current at that date?
    • Model Railroader, May '87 Page 40, - A review of the Concor model.
    • Model Railroader, May '92 Page 76, - GATX conversion from the Concor shell.
    • Railroad Model Craftsman, Apr.'88, Page 56. - Reading conversion from the Concor shell.
    • Railroad Model Craftsman, Mar. '81, Page 76 - An Eric Brooman Kitbash of an MP15AC - but could be a starting point.
    • Model Railroading, Aug,'92 Page 54, - Norfolk Southern Photo essay and roster.

    SP MP15DC info page

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