California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific MP15DC

2690 - 2701

12 units delivered

2690 2691 2692 2693 2694 2695 2696 2697 2698 2699
2700 2701 Truck Truck Truck
2690 2693 2695 2696 2700

EMD Builders photo from the Rob Sarberenyi collection

The MP15DC was a result of EMD's continual refinement of their products, and the fulfilling of railroad's needs.

It was an advancement of the SW1500, with better Blomberg B road trucks, and space for a toilet, making it 'more' suitable for road service.

Its only fault lay in the radiator front air intake, which tended to be blocked by other locos when being run in multiple units.

The radiator air intake was fixed on the next model; the MP15AC.

Of the 12 units, only 1 of them #2700, making it into the Kodachrome Merger Scheme back in 1987.

SP's units came fully optioned, as per SP standard practice, with full light packages, multiple unit capability and a larger air filter box in front of the cab.

As at June 25th 1998 - SP 2700, was still sporting it's Kodachrome colors, and was spotted at the Hardy Yd., in Houston, TX. - information courtesy Howard Bingham.

On October 31st 1999 - SP 2700 was working UP's Settegast Yard in Houston, TX. still sporting Kodachrome paint. - information courtesy Rich Bussinger.

See also my SP MP15AC Page for more info.

Prototype References:

  • Model Railroader, Oct. '78, Page 84, - Roster of owners - current at that date?
  • SP 1987/88 Motive Power Pictorial by Joe.W.Shine, Page 92.
  • SP...into the '90's by Joe.W.Shine, Page 165. Has some photo's of these units.
  • SP 1995 Motive Power Annual by Bill Shippen - Four Ways West Publications.
  • SP in Transition by Bill Shippen and Joe Shine - Four Ways West Publications.
  • Southern Pacific Rails - a motive power finale - by Peter Limas.

MP15DC Model Info Page

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