California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific/Texas & New Orleans
RSD15 (DL600B)

alco models ho scale rsd15

Above: a 1968 Alco Models Brass HO Scale RSD15. Click on the image for a 436k larger than life image.

Below: a 2005 Broadway Limited Imports plastic HO Scale RSD15. Click on the image for a 456k larger than life image.

broadway limited imports ho scale rsd15

Above is shown an out-of-the-box HO Scale Broadway Limited Imports RSD15. This is yet another case of a generic model being painted for several roadnames. The model requires several changes and the addition of all SP's favorite appliances...

The BLI model pictured above is numbered for when transferred to the Texas & New Orleans. The transfer took place shortly after delivery, so the only detail difference between an as delivered RSD15 numbered 48xx and a TNO numbered 25x - is the number...

Details to be added or changed for an as delivered unit:

  • The horn needs moving to the front of the cab,
  • The dropsteps should be solid sheet metal not a gridmesh style,
  • SP 5-light shows need adding fore and aft,
    • my suggestions for lights:
      • Detail Associates # front UDE light
      • Detail Associates #front signal light
      • Detail Associates #front head light
      • Detail Associates #rear UDE light
      • Detail Associates #rear signal light
      • Detail Associates #rear head light
  • number decals over the numberboards - SP still used train numbers in the boards at this time,

Model References:

  • Mainline Modeler Jan. 1988 - RSD15 Plans.
  • Mainline Modeler Feb. 1988 - RSD15 Rosters.
  • Mainline Modeler April 1989 - SP RSD15 and 3 pages of photos.
  • Railroad Modeler Mar. 1974 - SP RSD15 Proto photo.
  • N Scale RSD15 Info
  • Model Railroader Aug. 1970 - MRC Product review
  • Model Railroader Jan. 1983 - Model Power re-motor.
  • Model Railroading Sep/Oct 1984 - Model Power re-motor.


  • N Scale:
    • Model Power
    • PMI released an RSD15 which may be the Model Power
    • MRC also released an RSD15 which may also be the Model Power
  • HO Scale:
    • BLI has released an RSD15 in SP and SSW paint

SP RSD15 Prototype Page

Additional N Scale Model Info supplied by John Barnhill

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