California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific U25BE

6800 - 6801

2 units rebuilt

6800 6801 3100 3101
6800 0000 3100 0000
6800 0000 3100 0000

Two U25B's (#6708 and 6724) were rebuilt to U25BE's.

These units soldiered on, until the last unit was scrapped in 1987

One unit was donated to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris Ca. - SP 3100 nee 6800 ex 6708 orig 7508 in scarlet and gray paint.

Stan Rothwell has kindly contributed this addition, thanks Stan, more contributions like this welcomed.

Two of the U25Bs were rebuilt with updated electrical systems in the early 1970's as 3100-3101 and reclassified as U25BE's.

3100 was originally released as #6800 in the SP Bicentennial paint scheme, then later repainted to red/gray. As mentioned, it is currently property of the OERM in Perris and is operational for excursions.

3101 was released in red/gray, then wound up in storage in Aurant where it too was a target for the vandals. It has since been scrapped.


  • Railroad Model Craftsman, Jul, '87 Page 74. - has a set of plans and history for the U25B. Plus a photo of SP 7514 a Phase IIa.
  • Railfan & Railroad Apr, '88, Page 42 - 14 Pages of pure heaven, all about SP U25B's with Roster. Includes TE 70-4S's, Bicentennial's and TEBU's.
  • Southern Pacific Historic Diesels, Volume 5, GE U Series Locomotives - by Joe Strapac.

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