California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Cotton Belt GP9

820 - 831

12 units delivered

820 821 822 823 824 825 826 827 828 829
830 831

1965 renumbering
3641 3642 3643 3644 3645 3646 3647 3648 3649
3650 3651 3652

Cotton Belt 820 to 825 were delivered in Black Widow paint, with a small Cotton Belt Logo centered at the top of the high short hood. The stacked Cotton Belt lettering and cabside number were of a smaller script, and perhaps although Railroad Roman, not the extended font. These units also came with the full light package, (round UDE light) at least on the front, possibly safe to assume they were on the rear as well. In common with SSW practices of the time, handrails were all over yellow, although the stanchions remained black. Some units also received flared spark arrestors (eg. DA 2101 or DW 123) #3644 had them in a photo in the 1972 RMC article, but it is the only example I have seen.

In the 1965 renumbering, 820-831 were renumbered sequentially to 3641-3652

Note: #3644 (at least) still had Black Widow paint when renumbered from 823.

The 826 - 831 series were delivered in Blood Nose, they had a full light package (at least on the front) but don't appear to have had spark arrestors. These also came with complete yellow handrails (but not stanchions).

If they still had Black Widow paint on being rebuilt to GP9E's, they most certainly would have lost it, for Blood Nose paint.

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