California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Cotton Belt


Delivered as SSW Phase IV or V
1050 1051 1052 1053
Re# 1965 SSW
1900 1901 1902 1903

EMD Builders photo of SSW NW2

see also Image Library of NW2 Detail Shots.

SSW received two NW2's 1050-1051 in May of 1949, and another two 1052-1053 in November 1949. These came in SSW's Confederate Gray and Epaulet Yellow paint, subsequently painted in SSW's orange 'bow wave' on black. All had 6 louvered doors, with a 12" gap for lettering; when delivered they had just the Cotton Belt logo on the cabside, when repainted into the SSW orange and black scheme, 12" Cotton Belt was applied between the louvers, with the roadnumber on the cabside and a Cotton Belt logo in the orange at the bottom of the cab. As they lasted until 1968, perhaps they were repainted in SP scarlet and gray.

The first two SSW units were traded in June 1969 and the last two in May 1969 against SW1500's and scrapped.

Note: Phase designations are only used by the Railfan community, who need to know the detail differences, and are not official EMD nomenclature.

The (Modelers) differences between Phases are:

  • Pre War Phase I - Flat hood section in front of Windshield, short exhaust stacks.
  • Phase II - Frame corners slightly rounded, tall conical exhaust stacks.
  • Phase III - Six rows of louvers added on hood side, else same as Phase II.
  • Phase IV - 12 inch gap left in louvers for roadname.
  • Phase V - Hood angled straight down to windshield, no falsies - see SW Info Page

Additional information on this Page supplied by Bruce Conklin.

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