California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt SW1200 Parts List

thumbnail image of rhs of converted SW7thumbnail image of lhs of converted SW7

Detail Associates:
#1001 Osc. Pyle GyraliteSP only
#1002Osc. Dual Pyle GyraliteSP only
#1003Dual Pyle HeadlightSP only
#1011Dual Pyle SW HeadlightSSW only
#1105SW Side Mount Lift RingsBoth
#1505MU StandsBoth
#1802Whip Antenna BaseBoth
#1901Round Air VentBoth
#2202Grab IronsBoth
#2211Coupler Lift BarsBoth
#2212 + #2206 Alt. to aboveCoupler Lift Bars + EyeboltsBoth
#220336" ArmrestsBoth
#2709EMD SW RadiatorBoth
Details West:
#128Fabricated SW BellBoth
#136Aux. SW NumberboardsSP only
#175Nathan P3 HornBoth


  • Window Glazing - I used MicroScale Krystal Kleer.
  • Fine chain for across the end handrail stanchions.
  • Headlight lens
  • Microscale sheet #87-447 and #87-48

Parts I didn't use, but are available:

  • Cannon & Co. #1504 - EMD Late Switcher Cab Kit.
  • Custom Finishing #290 - Extended Range Fuel Tank and Air Reservoir casting.
  • Custom Finishing #241 - EMD Switcher End Platform Stanchion Set
  • Custom Finishing #242 - EMD Switcher Side Handrail Stanchion Set.
  • Details West #166 or maybe #167 - Fuel Fillers.

I scratchbuilt the following items:

  • The 4 sandfill hatches required - they are different to the cast on ones
  • The Emergency Fuel Cutoff switch.
  • All handrails from 20thou. Brass wire and Athearn stanchions:
    • Ath 10424 - 16 short stanchions
    • Ath 10425 - 4 long stanchions
  • All the extra straight grabs, from 10thou. piano wire.
  • The light show brackets from Evergreen #159 - 60thou. x 250thou.
  • I also made cab sunshades from 10thou. styrene to the same shape as DA#1301

The equipment access doors on the cab-side, I scrounged from an old I think Smokey Valley GP9B Door Set.

Other modifications included:

  • Scraping off the top set of louvers on the hood side
  • Filling in all old stanchion, handrail and air horn holes, and any sink marks
  • Removing the molded stepwell gussets and making new ones from 40thou. styrene

See my SW Info Page for info on the 'Falsies'.

Your choice of paint, crew, weathering, Constant Lighting, Command Control Receiver etc.

SP SW1200 Info Page

SSW SW1200 Info Page

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