California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt GP60 detail breakdown

Details of locos as delivered.

NumberCo.Build HeadClasslightDynamicDamperBlower DuctBrakeEOTMain
9600 - 9619 SP 2/88 NoseYes Phase I No Whip Sinclair
9620 - 9634 SSW9,10/88 Cab No Phase I No SinclairSinclair
9635 - 9664 SSW8,9/89 Cab NoPhase IIYesRevised SinclairSinclair
9665 - 9714 SSW3-5/90 Cab NoPhase IIYesRevised SinclairSinclair
3154 - 3156DRGW5/90 Cab NoPhase IIYesRevised SinclairSinclair
9715 - 9769 SP 4-7/91 Cab NoPhase IIYesRevisedRecessedRod Whip
9770 - 9794 SP 11/93-1/94 Cab NoPhase IIYesRevisedRecessedRod Whip

The Damper Struts aka anti-hunting struts, only appear on the engineers side, front and rear truck sideframes. (Bolted between the truck and the frame), as typified by DA 3504.

For the Main Sinclair use a DA 1803 or similar.

For the Main Whip use a DA 1802 or similar.

For the EOT Sinclair use a DW 214 or similar.

For the EOT Rod use styrene rod or similar.

3154 - 3156 GP60's delivered in D&RGW orange/black Rio Grande paint scheme.

9715 - 9794 GP60's delivered in the Speed Lettering paint scheme.

9770 - 9794 GP60's delivered with white numberboards with black lettering. All others as built black numberboards, white lettering

This list/table is neither exhaustive nor complete. and possibly not even accurate, your comments regarding this list, or additions would be much appreciated.

SP GP60 Page

SSW GP60 Page

DRGW GP60 Page

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