California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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The Decal Page #1a

Decals from Champ and Herald King

for Southern Pacific

As I am an HO modeler, this page will _initially_ be biased towards HO, but as I find other Scale's info, I will add them. Of course _you_ could always contribute, if you model other than HO, and have info to share, please e-mail me, Richard Percy


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Thinfilm - Southern Pacific - HO
Sheet #RoadnameTypeDescriptionScaleDecal Color
HO-162Southern Pacific Small Steam LocoPre 1947HOWhite
HO-163Southern Pacific Small Steam LocoPost 1937HOAluminum Bronze
HO-164Southern Pacific Small Steam LocoPost 1947HOSilver Gray
HO-165Southern Pacific Medium Steam LocoPre 1947HOWhite
HO-166Southern Pacific Medium Steam LocoPost 1937HOAluminum Bronze
HO-167Southern Pacific Medium Steam LocoPost 1947HOSilver Gray
HO-168Southern Pacific Large Steam LocoPre 1947HOWhite
HO-169Southern Pacific Large Steam LocoPost 1937HOAluminum Bronze
HO-170Southern Pacific Large Steam LocoPost 1947HOSilver Gray
HO-171Southern Pacific Articulated Steam LocoPre 1947HOWhite
HO-172Southern Pacific Articulated Steam LocoPost 1937HOAluminum Bronze
HO-173Southern Pacific Articulated Steam LocoPost 1947HOSilver Gray
HO-174Southern Pacific Daylight Steam LocoPost 1937HOAluminum Bronze w/- Black Outline
HO-175Southern Pacific Daylight Steam LocoPost 1954HOSynthetic Gray w/- Black Outline

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Champion Decal Company Home Page

Champ - Southern Pacific - HO
Sheet #RoadnameTypeDescriptionScaleDecal Color
EH-12ASouthern Pacific LinesSteam LocoOld Style Sm.HOAluminum
EH-12WASouthern Pacific LinesSteam LocoOld Style Sm.HOWhite
EH-12Southern PacificSteam LocoOld Style Lg.HOAluminum
EH-12WSouthern PacificSteam LocoOld Style Lg.HOWhite
EH-12DSouthern PacificDaylightSteam HeraldHOAluminum
EH-75Southern PacificCab Diesel1960HOAluminum
EH-100Southern PacificHood DieselOrange noseHOAluminum
EH-206Southern PacificHood Diesel?HOAluminum
EH-206WSouthern PacificHood Diesel?HOWhite
HB-315Southern PacificBoxcars40'/50'HOWhite
HC-422Southern PacificCov.HopperHORed
HC-456Southern PacificHopperHO -
HH-144Southern PacificHeralds - - B/W
HH-194Southern PacificHeraldsSunset LtdHORed/Or/Blk
HH-248Southern PacificHeraldsTOFC - Block style.HORed/Black
HH-212Southern PacificHeralds - - White
HN-104Southern PacificRoadname Set - HOBlack
HT-212Southern PacificTankcarCrude OilHO
HT-241Southern PacificTankcarDiesel OilHO
SHS-209Southern PacificCascade Pass.?HO?
SHS-410Southern PacificLark Pass.HOLetter.Gray
SHS-201Southern PacificBoxcar/O'nite40'HO?
BRH-12Southern PacificSteam Locos - HOAluminum
BRH-12WSouthern PacificSteam LocosTender Data HOWhite
X-40Southern PacificSteam Loco15 inch NumbersHOAluminum
X-41Southern PacificSteam Loco15 inch NumbersHOWhite
BRH-22Southern PacificDieselsDaylight HOLetter.Gray
BRH-56Southern PacificPass.CarsPullman'sHOAlum.Letter.Gray
BRH-86Southern PacificPass.CarsStripes 1 inchHOAlum.Letter.Gray
S-86Southern PacificPass.CarsStripes 2 inchHOAlum.Letter.Gray
BRH-157Southern PacificPass.CarsDaylightHOAluminum
HN-32Southern PacificRoadname Set - HO -
PH-14Southern PacificPass.Cars - HOBronze/Gold
PH-57Southern PacificPass.Cars - HOAluminum
PH-66Southern PacificPass.Cars - HOUP Red Lettering.
PH-83ASouthern PacificPass.CarsGold.StateHOBlack
PH-154Southern PacificPass.CarsCRIP/SP HOBlack
PH-112Southern PacificPass.Cars - HORed
SHS-144Southern PacificGS GondolaTuscan 40'HO -

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Champ - Southern Pacific - O
Sheet #RoadnameTypeDescriptionScaleDecal Color
CN-601Southern PacificPiggybackOrangeORed/Black
CN-654Southern PacificAutorack - O -
E-12WASouthern PacificSteam LocoOld Style Sm.OWhite
E-12WSouthern PacificSteam LocoOld Style Lg.OWhite
E-12DSouthern PacificDaylightSteam HeraldOAluminum
E-75Southern PacificCab Diesel1960OAluminum
E-80Southern PacificSwitcherOrange noseOOrange
E-100Southern PacificHood Diesel?OAluminum
E-206WSouthern PacificHood Diesel?OWhite
BRO-12Southern PacificSteam LocosTender data OAluminum
X-42Southern PacificSteam Loco15 inch NumbersOAluminum
BRO-22Southern PacificDieselsDaylightOLetter.Gray
BRO-157Southern PacificPass.CarsDaylightOAluminum
S-86Southern PacificPass.CarsStripes 1 inchOAlum.Letter.Gray
S-93Southern PacificPass.CarsStripes 2 inchOAlum.Letter.Gray
OB-315Southern PacificBoxcars40'/50'OWhite
OH-117Southern PacificHeraldsOverniteORed/Black
OT-212Southern PacificTankcarCrude OilO
N-32Southern PacificRoadname Set - OWhite
N-104Southern PacificRoadname Set - OBlack
P-14Southern PacificPass.Cars - OBronze/Gold
P-39Southern PacificPass.CarsGold.State/Calif.OOrange
PH-83Southern PacificPass.CarsGold.StateOAluminum
P-94Southern PacificPass.CarsSunset Ltd.OAluminum
P-154Southern PacificPass.CarsCRIP/SP OBlack
SOS-144Southern PacificGS GondolaTuscan 40'O -
SOS-410Southern PacificLark Pass.OLetter.Gray

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This is a listing I compiled from the 1991 Herald King HO catalog

Herald King - Southern Pacific - HO
Sheet #RoadnameTypeDescriptionEraDecal Color
B-600Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 50'1977Wh/Yel
B-601Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 40'1977White
B-602Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 52'1979Wh/Yel
B-603Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 40'1973Wh/Yel
B-604Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 50'1979Wh/Yel
B605Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 50'1974Wh/Yel
B-607Southern PacificBoxcarTuscan 50'1971Wh/Yel
C-600Southern PacificCabooseTuscan - 1977White
F-600Southern PacificFlat carTuscan - 1977Wh/Yel
G-600Southern PacificGondolaTuscan - 1977White
H-600Southern PacificHopperTuscan - 1977White
H-601Southern PacificCov. HopperGrey - 1975Black
L-600Southern PacificDiesel Hood UnitsBlood Nose 1977White
L-602Southern PacificDiesel SwitcherBlood Nose1977White
Z-600Southern PacificPiggyback VanWhite 40'1981GoldPig

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