California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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The Decal Page #1b

Decals from Microscale

for Southern Pacific

As I am an HO modeler, this page will _initially_ be biased towards HO, but as I find other Scale's info, I will add them. Of course _you_ could always contribute, if you model other than HO, and have info to share, please e-mail me, Richard Percy

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87-3Southern Pacific Freight Cars General 50-70 N
87-11 Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Blood Nose Diesel Locos.60-70 N
87-33 Southern PacificSteam Locomotive Daylight40-50 N
87-34Southern PacificPassenger Cars Daylight 40-60 N
87-38Cotton BeltBox Car 50' Double Door 1950-1960 N
87-50Southern PacificDiesel Cabs - Daylight 50-60 N
87-65Southern PacificSteam Locomotives- Medium 20-50 N
87-71 Southern Pacific Switchers - Tiger Strips50-60 N
87-75 Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives - Heavy 40-50 N
87-105Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives - Light 30-50 N
87-107Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Grey Letters 60-80 N
87-122Southern Pacific Passenger Car- Golden State 50-60 N
87-126Southern Pacific Passenger Car - City of San Francisco - UP Yellow Cars 50-60 N
87-155Southern Pacific Maintenance of Way40-80 N
87-177Southern Pacific Blood Nose Diesel Hoods & Cabs 60-80 N
87-178Southern Pacific Pass.Car Stripes - Sunset Ltd. 60-80 N
87-186Southern Pacific Diesel- Exp. Daylight (TE-70-4S) 1970 N
87-194Southern Pacific Ore Cars 60-80 N
87-201Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Diesel - F-Unit - Black Widow - Silver Lettering 40-50 N
87-204Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Sunset Ltd. 50-60 N
87-219Cotton BeltFreight All 1970 N
87-227Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Cabooses 40-80 N
87-239Southern Pacific Hoppers Covered N
87-241-3 Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Heavyweight 20-50 N
87-241-8 Southern Pacific Passenger Cars Heavyweight 20-50
87-258Southern Pacific Loading Symbols 70-80 N
87-261Southern Pacific Reefer 57' Mechanical 1970 N
87-262Southern Pacific Striping for Daylight Locomotives and Passenger Cars
87-270Southern Pacific Hoppers 70T PS 2 Bay Cov. 60-80 N
87-305Southern Pacific Box 50' Outside Brace70-80
87-322Cotton Belt Hopper 70T Pullman Std. 2 Bay1960-1970
87-390Southern Pacific Passenger Car Stripes 1940+ N
87-403Southern Pacific Trailer 45' 1980 N
87-419Southern Pacific Hopper 70 Ton Airslide 70-80 N
87-447Southern Pacific?Cotton BeltBlood Nose Diesel Hood w/Data 1980 N
87-464Southern Pacific Diesel SD-40 - Olympic 1980s N
87-464Southern Pacific Trailer 45' - Olympic 1980s N
87-469Southern Pacific Diesel Hood SD-45 Pre SPSF Merger 1985 N
87-472Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Impack 4 and 8 Car Sets 1980 N
87-495Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Trailer 40' 1980 N
87-496Southern PacificDiesel Hoods- Pre SPSF Merger 1986 N
87-500Southern Pacific Trailer 40' 1985 N
87-500Southern Pacific Trailer 40' 1984 N
87-503Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Hopper 50' 100 Ton Airslide1985 N
87-529Southern Pacific Reefers Mechanical 57' 1960 N
87-611Southern Pacific Caboose & Pass. Police 1985
87-612Southern Pacific Red Lettering for SP Diesel Hoods 1989 N
87-617Southern Pacific Diesel Units Red Wings 1950s N
87-620Southern Pacific Speed Lettered Diesel Hood GP-40's 1991 N
87-623Southern Pacific Diesel - Striping - E-Units - use w/ 87-622 & 624 1940-47
87-646Southern Pacific Speed Lettered Diesel GP-60 1991 N
87-657Southern Pacific 48' Container 1990 N
87-680Southern Pacific Box Car - Insulated - Beer - 60' 1960+
87-687Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Auto Racks 1980s
87-743Southern Pacific Container - 48' - Genstar
87-745Southern Pacific Gunderson Maxi Stack 1990+ N
87-761Southern Pacific Passenger Car Emblems37-70 N
87-835Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Diesel Bicentennials 1975-80 N
87-857Southern Pacific Diesel SD-70, Dash 9 1944+ N
87-911Southern Pacific Box Cars, Wood1923-62 N
87-923Southern Pacific Box Cars Overnight Black and Silver 1946-59 N
87-973Southern Pacific Diesel - AC4400CW - Speed Lettering Scheme
87-1055Southern Pacific Passenger Car - Daylight Scheme - Gray Lettering
87-1057Southern Pacific Diesel - E7A & B - Shasta Daylight
87-1069Southern Pacific Number Jumble - for use with 447, 620, 646, 857, 973
87-1148Southern Pacific Bridge signs and logos
87-1165Southern Pacific Passenger Car - Heavyweight - Dulux Lettering
87-1212Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt 50' High-Cube and general service (XM) boxcars
87-1214Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt 100-ton open hoppers
87-1223Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt Tiger Striping for use with 87-71
MC-4024 Southern Pacific Steel Coil Cars 50' 1971
MC-4027 Southern Pacific Trailer & Tractor 25' 1950 N
MC-4044 Southern Pacific Tank Car 12,500 Gals 1950 N
MC-4101 Southern Pacific Wood Chip Cars1975+ N
MC-4136 Southern Pacific Cabooses 1954-65 N
MC-4160 Southern Pacific Box Cars 1995+ N
MC-4273 Southern Pacific Caboose - SPSF Red / Yellow Scheme 1986
MC-4298 Southern Pacific 89' Speed Lettered Autoracks

Champ/Herald King

Cotton Belt/T&NO

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