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HO Scale Diesel Locomotive Models
Southern Pacific System has never rostered

see my Roster Index for an indication of what SP did Roster

Most of the time this question arises from models that have been produced, that may or may not be available in Southern Pacific paint schemes.

Note: Modelers designations will apply here, that is after all the target audience.

Additions and corrections welcome.

HO Scale Model Locomotives
AS16 - Stewart BL-2 - AHM, LifeLike BQ23-7 - Bachmann C-Liner - AHM, Rivarossi, Lifelike
C-420 - Atlas C-424 - Atlas C-425 - Atlas C-430 - Atlas
C30-7 - Rail Power Products, Atlas C32-8 - Rail Power Products CF7 - Rail Power Products, Athearn Dash8-40BW - Walthers
Dash8-40C - Bachmann, Atlas, Rail Power Products Dash8-40CW - Bachmann, Rail Power Products DL-109 - Lifelike DD40X - Athearn
DDA40X - Bachmann
E3 - Cary, Lifelike E6 - Cary, Lifelike E8B - Lifelike E9B - Lifelike
F9A/B - Stewart, Highliners, Athearn F40PH - Bachmann, LifeLike, Walthers F45 - Athearn FP45 - Athearn
FA-1 - Model Power, Euro-rails, Walthers FA-2 - LifeLike, Lionel, Model Power
GP15-1 - Smokey Valley, Walthers GP18 - LifeLike GP38 - Atlas GP50 - Athearn
GP60B/GP60M - Rail Power Products
H-16-44 - Bachmann, Atlas RF-16 - Lionel, Tyco RS-1 - Atlas RS12 - Stewart
RS-2/RSC-2 - AHM, Rivarossi, Model Power, Kato SD40-2 - Athearn, Kato SD45-2 - Rail Power Products SDP40 - Athearn
SW1000 - Athearn U18B - Lionel U28B - Athearn U30B - Athearn
U33B - Athearn U36B - Bachmann U25C - AHM, Rivarossi U36C - Atlas
SD50 - Athearn SD60 - Rail Power Products, Lifelike SD60M - Rail Power Products, Lifelike SD70MAC - Athearn
SD75M - Athearn SD90MAC - Rail Power Products


SP already had 340 GP9's by the time the GP18 came out. SP buying the last GP9's ever made, and the only low-noses to a Major Railroad. 20 Phase III's were delivered in Grey and Scarlet as 5872-5891, and built in August and September of 1959.
A high-nose GP18 can be made into a GP9, at least some of the SP/SSW ones came with two 48" fans, as well as four 36" fans. Or a low-nose version can be made into one of the last 20 Phase III GP9's or a GP20 with a bit more work.

SP has never had 'production' SD40-2's as produced by Athearn. SP bought the SD40T-2 Tunnel Motor variant instead. EMD apparently now does recognize this designation!
and NOW that railroad known as "Unlimited Parking" designates these as SD40-2T's - really!

SP has never had 'production' SD45-2's as produced by Rail Power Products. SP bought the SD45T-2 Tunnel Motor variant instead. EMD doesn't recognize this designation either, they call all the variants SD45-2's, which tends to cause confusion.

SD50's made it into the SP Roster when SP and DRGW merged.

SP did roster the similar SD70M.

SP ordered 3, proposed #900-902, but they were never delivered, UP bought SP beforehand.

Yes SP does Roster U28B's but these were 4 Demonstrators that came in U25B carbodies. The Athearn model can't be used, use a Stewart U25B instead.

Denver & Rio Grande owned SW1000's.

see also Rick Blanchard's N Scale version

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