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Southern Pacific Diesel Locomotive Paint Schemes

Nobody seems to have volunteered for this one, so I'll have a go at it. If any of you experts want to nitpick this one, go right ahead. All corrections most gratefully accepted.

Due to the size this section will end up, I have decided to put each scheme on it's own page, as well I would like to eventually include a color photo of said scheme. This will make download times quicker than if it were one very large page.

Latest addition to this section is: Southern Pacific Uncommon Locomotive Paint Schemes - pre 1965

1937 - 1944 Interim Tiger Stripe Yard-Switcher Tiger Stripe Road-Switcher Tiger Stripe Halloween Black Widow
Daylight Golden State Blood Nose Speed Lettering Roseville Repaints The Specials

You will find there will be variations, due to adapting a paint scheme to a certain model, shops running out of a certain color, shop forces personal opinions of how a paint scheme should look, SP trying out new ideas, and maybe if the day has a W in it. I will try to list some of the variations, and a selection of units that appeared in the scheme being discussed. An exhaustive list is out of the question, for me anyway.

Look out for SSW or Cotton Belt references, they often had markedly different paint schemes.

see also:

  • Rick Blanchard's - Southern Pacific Color Formulas

    Here's a starting list of Magazine articles that include specific painting details of a certain scheme, these will be moved to their relevant page, when written:

    • Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1986, page 64. - Modeling and painting a Black Widow Train Master using the Athearn HO model.
    • Railroad Model Craftsman, Mar '90, page 84. - GP9E superdetail from Front Range shell, painting the Blood Nose scheme.

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