California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Index of 4 Axle Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt GE Locos

Prototype Pages
Proto ImageSP GE 44-ton Proto Image TNO GE 44-ton Proto ImageSP GE 70-Ton Proto ImageSP TEBU's
Proto ImageSP U25B Proto ImageSP U25BE Proto ImageSP U28B Proto ImageSP TE 70-4S
Proto ImageSP B23-7 Proto ImageSP B30-7 Proto ImageSSW B30-7
Proto ImageSP B36-7 Proto ImageSSW B36-7 Proto ImageSP B39-8 Proto ImageSSW B40-8

Model Pages
Model ImageSP GE 44-ton No Page TNO GE 44-ton Model ImageSP GE 70-Ton Model ImageSP TEBU's
Model ImageSP U25B No ImageSP U25BE No ImageSP U28B No ImageSP TE 70-4S
Model ImageSP B23-7 Model ImageSP B30-7 No ImageSSW B30-7
Mo ImageSP B36-7 Model ImageeSSW B36-7 Model ImageSP B39-8 Model ImageSSW B40-8

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