California's Railroad to the U.S. 1861 - 1996

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Index of 4 Axle Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt EMD Locos

Prototype Pages
Data OnlyF-Unit Index
Proto ImageSSW FTA/FTB Proto ImageSSW F7A/F7B Proto ImageSSW FP7
Proto ImageSP F3A/F3B Photo OnlySP F7A Photo OnlySP F7B
Data OnlyT&NO F3A/F3B Photo OnlyT&NO F7A/F7B Proto ImageT&NO F9Am/F9Bm
Photo OnlySP FP7 Proto ImageSSW GP7
Data OnlyGP9 Overview Proto ImageT&NO Pass. GP9 Proto ImageT&NO GP9
Proto ImageSP GP9 Proto ImageSP GP9 (1965) Proto ImageSSW GP9
Proto ImageSP Pass. GP9 Proto ImageSP GP9E Proto ImageSSW GP9E
Proto ImageSP GP9 switchers Proto ImageSP unrebuilt GP9 Proto ImageSP GP20
Proto ImageSP GP20E/R Proto ImageSSW GP20 Proto ImageSSW GP20R
Proto ImageSP GP30 Proto ImageSSW GP30
Proto ImageSP GP35 Proto ImageSSW GP35 Proto ImageSP GP35R
Proto ImageSP/SSW GP35R Proto ImageSP GP38-2
Proto ImageSSW GP40 Proto ImageSSW GP40R
Proto ImageSP GP40-2 Proto ImageSSW GP40-2
Proto ImageSP GP40P-2 Proto ImageSP GP40X Proto ImageSP/SSW GP40M-2
Proto ImageSP GP60 Proto ImageSSW GP60

Model Pages
Data OnlyF-Unit Index
No ImageSSW FTA/FTB No ImageSSW F7A/F7B Model ImageSSW FP7
No ImageSP F3A/F3B No ImageSP F7A No ImageSP F7B
No ImageT&NO F3A/F3B No ImageT&NO F7A/F7B No ImageT&NO F9Am/F9Bm
Model ImageSP FP7 Model ImageSSW GP7
No PageT&NO Pass. GP9 No pageT&NO GP9
No PageSP GP9 Model ImageSP GP9 (1965) Model ImageSSW GP9
No ImageSP Pass. GP9 No PageSP GP9E No ImageSSW GP9E
No PageSP GP9 switchers No PageSP unrebuilt GP9 Model ImageSP GP20
Model ImageSP GP20E/R No ImageSSW GP20 No ImageSSW GP20R
Model ImageSP GP30 No ImageSSW GP30
Model ImageSP GP35 No ImageSSW GP35 No ImageSP GP35R
Model ImageSP/SSW GP35R Model ImageSP GP38-2
Model ImageSSW GP40 No ImageSSW GP40R
Model ImageSP GP40-2 No ImageSSW GP40-2
No ImageSP GP40P-2 No ImageSP GP40X Model ImageSP/SSW GP40M-2
Model ImageSP GP60 No ImageSSW GP60

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